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                        Company Profile

                        Dongyang, Zhejiang Jiangnan Electronic Devices Factory is a professional production of hard ferrite enterprises, located in Dongyang City, east of the river Lizhai street industrial area, connecting Ningbo Economic and Technological Development Zone of Ningbo Expressway and Ningbo-Jinhua highway main trunk, close proximity, transportation is very convenient.

                        Dongyang, Zhejiang Jiangnan electronics plant since its inception in 1997, has been followed by the development trend of the electronics industry, is committed to high performance permanent ferrite production and R & D, through 10 years of steady operation, promote the enterprise leaps and bounds rapid development and growth, from the original production of small factories across the now-scale production and management, has become one of Dongyang, Zhejiang professional production of sintered anisotropic permanent ferrite factory.

                        Currently, Dongyang City Jiangnan electronics plant with an annual output ring, square piece type (square) and other permanent ferrite thousands of tons, has a production scale, superior permanent ferrite magnetic energy and high cost, other permanent magnets can not be compared, therefore, it is widely used in electronic, electrical and home appliances industries. Become a TV, stereo, car, motorcycles, computers, office automation equipment, modern communications, defense industry, magnetic force and children's toys and other means indispensable and irreplaceable kit.

                        Dongyang, Zhejiang Jiangnan electronics plant always adhere and uphold the quality of survival, customer demand as a fundamental business philosophy, with stable product, first-class service attitude to win the trust of customers, service to customers; positive innovation, constantly meet customer demand for different products to achieve win-win development of the enterprise with customers, at the same time within the enterprise vigorously promote people-oriented management philosophy, caring staff, invested with emotional investment and the environment and so on humane management to retain employees for business continuity and stable production create good conditions.

                        Jiangnan plant electronic devices continue to improve large-scale production, with advanced production equipment to produce high performance permanent ferrite products. Currently negotiate the purchase of automatic molding presses and other production equipment is one of the most advanced permanent ferrite products industry equipment. Meanwhile, the enterprises to actively respond to the magnetic industry Dongyang improved sintering furnace, and actively transform the kiln to optimize the local environment has made some contribution.

                        Dongyang, Zhejiang Jiangnan electronics plant after nearly two decades, and growth has been the strong support and help of local government. Enterprise has been rated as Dongyang City, "Government Special Award" enterprises, Dongyang City, "super-taxpayers millions" enterprise, "Hao magnetic" trademark for registration as "Dongyang city famous trademark."

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